Diode Laser 808 nm Platform

The most effective Laser Hair removal system on the market is now available through Cross Medical.

The Vikini system is based on the 808 nm platform - this is now proved to be the most effective hair removal system platform. Soprano and Light Sheer both used the same platform. The Vikini is launched in the UK at much lower price than the similar systems - yet it is the most effective hair removal system on the market. The advantages of the system:

The only system where the laser and handle assembly is guaranteed to 3,000,000 ! shots

Works on all skin types

It is very fast - Whole leg can be done in 20 minutes

It is very easy to use

It is virtually painless AND

It is very much affordable.

Vikini is a High Power Diode Laser. It is equipped Collimated lens reduces energy loss and delivery high energy to the hair follicle. It is fitted with Sapphire Contact Cooling - Strong Sapphire tip contact Cooling(2℃) makes less pain during treatment. No consumable and maintenance parts means No need to change Flash Lamp for the maintenance.

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